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Beazley Family

Beazley Family

The name Beazley may be locational in origin, and is believed to be associated with the English, meaning, ‘one who came from, or lived near Beesley’. Charles Beazley, born in 1810, the son of William A. Beazley of Bowling Green Caroline County, Virginia, born in 1761, died in 1837, the year he moved with his family to near Sumpter County, Gainsville, Alabama. He had three other sons, William N., Richard and Harrison Coleman. They were tobacco planters. In 1834 in Virginia, Charles married Thursa Hyde on December 14; her birth date is not recorded but she died November 10, 1851, in Texas. Between 1834 and 1848, Charles took his family to Alabama where all the children were born with the exception of Charles. They brought their slaves with them who bore the name Beazley and there are still descendants of these in Houston County. The 1860 census, Houston County, Texas, shows Beazley, ago 50, born in Virginia, Farmer, Value Real Estate, $4,500 and Value of Personal Property, $12, 630.00. Charles Beazley came to Texas in 1848 and settled on land 11 miles west of Grapeland that extended five miles down to the Trinity River. In those days, cotton, cattle, grain and possibly hogs were shipped on the Trinity River to Galveston, the principal port. Supplies were bought and shipped back. James Harvey (Jim) Beazley, fifth child of Charles, and his wife, Bell White Beazley, got their solid cherry marble topped furniture this way. Their ‘ old home place’ that was destroyed by a tornado in 1935, had contained all of the pieces except one table. Great-granddaughter Alyne B. Hayman of Dallas owns the table. Charles Beazley and Thursa Hyde’s children were: 1. William Henry, born April 5, 1836; died June 20, 1863. 2. Caledonia Isabella, born March 4, 1838, died June 22, 1895, married Milton Dailey (See Dailey family story) 3. Robert Henry, born April 2, 1841; died August 23, 1854 (thrown against a tree and killed). 4. John Richard, born November 28, 1943; died October 27, 1863. 5. James Harvey, born February 15, 1847; died March 11, 1917; married first-Virginia Hickey; married second-Caledonia Isabella White (Belle). 6. Tom Turner, born August 7, 1848; died February 12, 1894. Married Joe Lively, Betty Lively Beazley’s sister. 7. Charles Harrison, born December 2, 1850; died August 24, 1927. Married first-Catherine Edens; married second- Betty Lively. Thursa died in 1851 and Charles later married Catherine Pennington. In July 1854 their first child was born: Mary Virginia. Next were Georgiana, Franklin R., Huldah Paine and an infant daughter. The 1860 census shows that Georgiana, age 3, and Franklin R., age 1, were with Charles, Catherine and other children, John, age 17; James, age 14; Thomas, age 12; Charles, age 10. Alyne, surviving daughter and first grandchild, is the genealogist for the family. She is the wife of Thomas Julian Hayman of Dallas and already has 4 generations. Their son Charles Herman Hayman, born March 15, 1938, is married and has three children – Lisa Leigh, born April 11, 1961, who married David Timothy Reed on April 14, 1979 and has a son, Matthew Brandon Reed, born March 15, 1984 (now divorced); Camber, born April 29, 1963; and Todd Roquemore, born July 6, 1965. Glen, the second son of Belle and Jim Beazley (b. March 18, 1891; d. Nov. 30, 1960) served in WWI as a private in 97th Balloon Company Air Service. He married Etta Lewis Pridgen and has three generations. Their two sons are Tom Turner, born May 29, 1960, who married Helen Pearl Ballou on November 13, 1953, and had two children – Alice Gae, born January 16, 1957, who married Milton Leroy Brown III, and Tom Turner Jr., born August 29, 1959; and second son, Donald Ray, born January 27, 1928, who married Mable Stroud in 1948, and their two children are Betty Glenn, born October 1945, who married Robert L. Lauchner (divorced) and Thomas Clyde, born December 25, 1951, who married Susan Christian Davis (divorced) and has one child, Shelly. Daughter Kleber, born September 4, 1893, died August 7, 1985 in Grapeland. She married Christopher Columbus Smith and their 10 children are: Frank Holland, born May 15, 1915, who died June 2, 1979, married Glenda Nell Belew; James Arthur, born September 21, 1917; Grace Christine, born February 14 1930, who married H.N. Cook and had two children, Larry N., born in 1946 and died July 23, 1963, and Cheryl; Nina Ruth, born

September 11, 1921, who married Joe Edd Steely; Belle Doris, born January 2, 1924, who married first E.J. Moore, and married second – B.D. Slaughter; Joseph Edward, born July 4, 1926, died January 26, 1929; Roma Louise, born June 14, 1929, who married Canady; Mary Elizabeth; Christopher Columbus, Jr., born March 29, 1932; and Alva Dean who has been twice married.

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