Grapeland Texas

Brown, Algie Lee

Algie Lee Brown

Grapeland Texas 75844

Algie Lee Brown was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on September 1, 1872. He died in Grapeland, Texas, February 9, 1951. His parents were Frank Brown and Mary Margaret (Molly) (Hurt) Brown. Both parents were also born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was orphaned at a very early age; mother died when he was 2 or 3 and father died when he was about 7 years old. An elderly uncle and aunt helped him. He lived in Hot Springs until adulthood. After the death of Algie Lee Brown, his children realized they never knew how their father happened to come to Grapeland. About 1955, Mary Lou Darsey Anderson was visiting in the Brown home and related the facts as told to her by her father, George Edward Darsey. It was in 1897 or 1898 when Mr. Brown was traveling through Grapeland on a train (without a diner) and was employed with a construction company and the entire crew was traveling toGalveston, Texas. While the train was getting water, Mr. Brown and two fellow workers left the train to obtain lunch goods at the local George E. Darsey store. Mr. Darsey was impressed with the well-mannered, well-spoken, handsome young man and asked him where he was going and for what purpose. Brown explained about the workers on the train and that they had left Hot Springs to get more work in `booming’ Galveston. Mr. Darsey liked Brown and told him to go back to the train and tell the workers that Grapeland had a building boom too and to stay here. Brown and several of the workers left the train and remained in Grapeland. Mr. Darsey and Algie Lee Brown enjoyed a long and staunch friendship. Algie Lee Brown married Edith Pearl Pridgen in Grapeland,Texas, July 29, 1900, and they had a beautiful wedding in the parlor at the Totty Hotel. In 1907, he made the highest grade on a civil service examination and became a rural mail carrier. He was retired after 30 plus years of service having reached 65 years of age. He served under five postmasters and during the administration of Presidents Taft, Wilson, Harding, Collidge, Hoover and Roosevelt. He used all modes of transportation in his work. In the early years, a saddle pony answered the purpose; then he used a cart and buggy, buying his first car in 1920. He wore out 12 automobiles during his service, traveling approximately 326,092 miles and handled over 18 million pieces of mail. He was much loved by his patrons and acquaintances in this area; many descendants still remember and discuss his good advice and kindness to them in times of great need. Edith Pearl Pridgen was born in Grapeland on February 14, 1879 and died in Grapeland July 17, 1947.She Was the youngest child of Benjamin Franklin Pridgen and Lucy Alice (Wright) Pridgen? Refer to Benjamin Franklin Pridgen and Lucy Alice (Wright) Pridgen history in this edition for more detailed family history. The children of Algie Lee and Edith Pearl (Pridgen) Brown are; a) Alice Lileene married Arch E. Murray-no children. b) Edith Florence-married Wilbur A. Smith -no children c) Joe Algie, now deceased, married Velma Chandler-son Jerry Al. Jerry Al married Jo Beth Serres-had 6 children and one grandchild’s) Milam Polk-unmarried and deceased. E) Coleman Ross unmarried and deceased’s) Gordon Lee, deceased, married Ruth Taylor had one son, Charles Gordon. Charles Gordon married Lorna-had two children. g) Nettie Gertrude-unmarried. H) Lucy Wright -married Reece Heardone daughter-Royce Ann. I) Pridgen, deceased, married Virginia Bridges-had one son, Robert Phillip. j) Ted married Otis Kale-had one son, Ted, Jr. k) Necia Jean-married Harry Ryan Campbell-no children. Married Leo. J. Rubenstein-no children]) Billy married Ada Stevens-no children. Edith Pearl (Pridgen) Brown’s maternal great-grandmother was Hannah (Dudley) Taylor and she was a descendant of Edward. Edward Dudley was descended from several English barons who prevailed upon King John of England to ratify the Magna Charta in 1215.