Grapeland Texas

Brown, Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank Brown

Grapeland Texas 75844

Howard and Carrie. Luther Howard Brown, born February 12, 1889, died March 26, 1929, married in October, 1917, to Amanda Belle Thetford, born October 2, 1898, died November 30, 1985. They had five children. After the death of Luther, Belle T. Brown, who never remarried, continued to own and operate the Brown farm and built a modest frame home on the land, where she raised her four surviving children and lived until her death in 1985. Luther and Belle Brown’s children were as follows: 1. Ara Belle Brown married Ancel Boswell, no children. 2. Charles Franklin Brown married Veila Adell Allen, one child, Pamela Adell. 3. William Arland Brown, married Juanita Ruth Vick, four children, Gregory Arland (married Barbara Lynn Weisinger, two children, Lindsey Nicole and Garrett Arland), Jeffrey Charles, Jennifer Susan and Gretchen Ara. 4. Luther Howard Brown II, first married Barbara Pyle, two children, Luther Howard III and Ralph Edward (married Karen Kontor). Luther and Barbara Pyle were divorced and Luther then married Bobbie Buller Leediker. 5. Lillian Brown (second child of Luther and Belle Brown) died as an infant. Charles Franklin and Veila still live and carry on ranching operations on the Brown land, which has been owned and occupied by family members since 1837. Carrie Brown, second child of Daniel Frank Brown ,born April 21, 1890, died May 28, 1968, married April 30, 1905, to Joseph Turner (Chuck) Skidmore Jr., born February 7, 1886, died February 23, 1981, and they had eleven children: Porter, Carl, Alma, Bulah, Robbie, Cooper, Otis, Preston, Essie Rene, Evelyn and Margaret Rose.