Grapeland Texas

Grapeland Texas 75844

Business Today

First Post Office Building      This old building has a very colorful history. It was, at one time, located behind the J. E. Hollingsworth General Store. When the store burned, the Post Office

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Agricultural Development

Those in agricultural education are struggling to maintain a flow of young men into the farm scene so that the industry may continue to develop and improve. The Galveston News

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City of Grapeland

The first ten ordinances listed below were passed during the first incorporation of Grapeland 1899-1907. The two mayors of this incorporation were Dr. H. S. Robertson and Dr. F. C.

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Early Day Business

Early Day Business The Totty Hotel: Totty Hotel The Totty Hotel was built in 1893. Mr. Will Totty’s family lived in the south wing of the main floor and the north

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