Coleman Family

Grapeland Texas 75844

ichard Coleman (1865-1911) was the son of Courtney Coleman who came to Texas from the state of Georgia. He married Mary Jane Blake (1866-1945). Mary Jane Blake Coleman was the daughter of George and Betsy Blake. The Blakes and Colemans primarily worked as farmers, more specifically as sharecroppers in Grapeland, Texas. Richard and Mary Jane Blake Coleman had fourteen children which they reared on the George Mobley farm. Richard (Dick) Coleman died of a heart attack in Darsey’s Store in Grapeland in 1911. The descendants of Richard and Mary Jane Coleman are as follows: 1. Garrison Coleman married Merniva Davis and had one daughter, Hattie who married Tom Snell. 2. Ella Coleman (b. Aug. 17, 1885) married John Henry Smith and had two children: a. Addie Mae Smith (b. Oct. 26, 1911) married Ben Wesley Wagner, Sr. (b. March 4, 1909). B. John L. Smith Sr. married Lennie Beasley. 3. Charlie Coleman, third child of Richard and Mary Jane Coleman, married Virginia Davis. They had four children: a. Charlie Coleman married Edward Black Sr. b. Hattie Coleman married Cleo Johnson. C. Ira Coleman d. J. D. Coleman 4. Harriett Coleman, fourth child of Richard and Mary Jane Coleman, married Tom Walker and their  descendants are: a. Melinda Mae Walker married Melchisedec Thomas. B. Gertrude Wells’s c. Lillie Bell married Earl M. Brown. D. Aubrey Walker had one child, Earnie Mae. 5. 011ie Coleman married Shedrick Johnson and had five children. A. Bettie Mae Johnson married Frank Taylor. B. Thurman Johnson married Elzada Taylor. C. Sherman Johnson d. Alton Johnson married Lenorah Hicks. E. John L. Johnson married Curlee Jackson. 6. Bessie Coleman married Syl Johnson. 7. Clara (Tibb) Coleman married John L. (Bootsie)Johnson. They had two children: a. Clara Johnson married Eddie Tubbs. B. Corine Johnson married James Williams. 8. Henry Coleman married Amanda Cal. They had one child, Johnnie May Coleman who married Herbert West Stubblefield. 9. Eathie Coleman married Floyd Potts and had two children. Warren G. Beazley (married Lettie Lee Rogers) and James Henry (married Moree Stubblefield). 10. Tommie Coleman married Esther Mae Chase and had one child, Bessie Mae Coleman (mother-Elizabeth Barton). 11. Josephine (Jo) Coleman married Isaac Smith had eleven children: a Woodrow Smith, b. Betty Smith, c.Tommy Smith married Magdalene Smith, d. R. H. Smith married Harvey Mae Johnson, E. Madie Smith, f. Hadie Smith married Ambroger Walker, g. Joe Pat Smith married Lernise Smith, h. Isaac Smith Jr., I. Benjamin Smith, j. Ruth Alma Smith married Robert Simpson, and K. Chester Smith married Adele Smith. 12. R. C. (Sonny) Coleman married Millie Coleman and had five children : a. Mildred Coleman married Nora Demus, b. Eula Mae Coleman, c. Verdia Lee Coleman married Eddie Rea Whitten, d. Carter Coleman married Addie Pearl, E. Addie Coleman 13. George Coleman married Mary Brown and had seven children: a. George Jr., b. Richard Ross, c. Henry, d. Marginule, E. Clara, f. Vernerseal, and g. Euna B. Coleman (who married Willie Lee (Blackie) Woods. 14. Alma Coleman married Tom Coleman and had two children: a. Leroy and b. Lorena Coleman.


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