Grapeland Texas

Darsey, William Grey

William Grey Darsey

Grapeland Texas 75844

William Gray Darsey, son of Edward Hill and Mattie Clower Darsey, was born August 15, 1878 at Sunnyside, Ga. In the late 1800’s, he was visited by his cousin, George E. Darsey, who encouraged him to come to Texas. January 1, 1900, he came to Grapeland,Texas, and accepted a position with George E. Darsey, and slept in Darsey’s store at night. He returned to Georgia for a visit in 1902, at which Time he met Carrie Tallulah Stewart, (born Sept. 24, 1882, Jonesboro, Ga.) a school teacher. He courted her for two or three weeks, and after returning to Texas, he wrote to her for a year or more. July 1904, he returned to Georgia to marry her. Will, as he was called by his family and friends, had built a five room house on the corner of Orange and Maple streets before going after his bride. This house, which grew as the family increased, still stands and is now owned by Mr. And Mrs. Sam Sholars. In 1917, William Gray became a partner with George E. Darsey, Sr. later, the company grew as George E. Darsey’s sons became of age and interested in the business. He became first manager of the credit department, which position he held until 1930, upon the death of George E. Darsey, Sr. He became president of the firm until his death in 1938. Outside his business activities, which were varied and many, Will Darsey found time to serve his community in numerous ways. He was an advocate of good roads and pioneered in this work. He served on the school board, helped to promote the fruit industry, and was the president of the Fruit Growers Assn. OfNorth Houston County, a director in the Farmer’s and Merchants State Bank, a member of the Grapeland City Council, served many years on the board of stewards and trustee of the First Methodist Church, and was active in the North Houston County Chamber of Commerce. Carrie (d. Aug. 1957) was a devoted wife and mother who worked along side her husband and children in school, church and community activities. There were seven children born to this union: 1. Dorothy Madeline m. C.E. Carlton. Three children: (1) Carter Eugene, Jr., m. Betty Zwerneman; c. Carter Eugene Ill, Michael David, and Stacy. (2) Mary Carolyn m. Robert Odell Scott; c. Dorothy Gene, Sara Carolyn, and Robert Glenn. (3) Will Darsey m. Joyce Staples; c. Will Darsey Jr., Ronald Howard, and Bryan Douglas. Second marriage to Barbara Abbott. No children. 2. William Gray, Jr. m. Roberta Deerman. Two children; (1) William Gray III m. Celia Wainwright; c. Paige and Revel. Second marriage to Vickie; c. William Gray IV (2) Betty m. Alvin D. Woods; c. William George and Omega. 3. Mildred died in infancy. 4. Edward Stewart m. Mary Martha Murchison. Three children; (1) Edward Stewart Jr., m. Gayle Garvey c. Donna Gayle, Robert Stewart, and Darla Sue. (2) Edna Nell m. Tom Henry Robertson; c. Carrie Lee and Lauren Lyn (3) Thomas Murchison m. Mollie Geiselman c. Michael Thomas and Drew. 5. Joe Thomas m. Nora Mallory. Two children: (1) Diane m. Gerald Mace; c. Joe Thomas and John Michael. (2) Debbie m. (div.) one child: Holly Jo. 6. Carolyn m. Charles Thomas Dailey. 7. Mary Frances m. Leslie Ward Handy. Two children: (1) Frances Kay m. James C. Hollers; c. Blake and Carrie Allyson (2) Carrie Ann m. Don Pace; c. Jordan Stewart and Jolie Aletha.