Grapeland Texas

Dennis, Oscar

Oskar Dennis

Grapeland Texas 75844

Oscar Dennis and Frances Elizabeth Shoemaker came to Texas in their early teens. He came from Tennessee and she came from Arkansas. They later became acquainted, romanced and were married September 3, 1893. Six children were born to this union:Clyde, Lola, Lila, Lorena, Zenobia and 0. D. There are now many other descendants. The family moved to Houston County in the early part of 1902 and settled at Percilla. They adjusted easily to rural life and learned how not to get lost in the wide open spaces of the country. Each of the girls did a stint in the school teaching profession. Together, they raked up one hundred years of experience in this profession. The family as a whole worked hard to help each other. The father passed away in 1943, the mother in 1963. The children now claim a proud heritage gained from the quiet, disciplined childhood made possible by these parents.