Grapeland Texas

Dickey, William H.

William H. Dickey

Grapeland Texas 75844

William H. Dickey (April 11, 1823 -February 22, 1910) and Rachel Telethia Lively Dickey (Dec. 1, 1828 -June 21, 1902) had seven children: Monroe, Will, Bob, John, Ellen, Mary and Babe. Babe was born June 21, 1870 and died February 25, 1951. He wed Patty Kennedy. They had one son, Allie, born April 9, 1892 and died March 29, 1931. Patty died in late 1890’s. Allie married Eula Bell; they had 6 sons: Arnold, Bryon, Wayne, Gerald, Allie Jr., and William Mark “Pete”. Wayne and Allie Jr. are the two surviving sons at this date and live in Palestine. On December 4, 1895, Babe Dickey and Laura Alice Dunnam were married and settled in the New Hope Community near Percilla on 123 acres. Babe was a farmer and a blacksmith. On rainy days the neighbors would bring their broken tools for him to repair. His neighbors could depend on him in time of trouble. He was a supporter of and active in the community church. He was a Methodist. Babe and Laura had 10 children; Marcus Alton, born February 12, 1897, married Willie Mae Wilkins. They had one child, Ouida. Alton died April 24, 1974. Ouida died earlier. Dennison was their home and Willie still lives there. Mary Ellen, born May 12, 1898, married Price Brown. They raised a foster child, Barbara Jean. Mary died October 19, 1982. Rosa Ethel, born May 16, 1900, married Marshall Jones on May 8, 1918. They had two children, Troy F. and Mildred Louise. Marshall died October 13, 1946. Willie Mae, born March 12, 1902, married Henry Teems. They had three sons: William Babe, Henry Jr. and Mickey. Willie Mae lives in Ft. Worth near her sons. Annie Beatrice, born February 24, 1904, married Jim Spann. They had nine children: Henri, Harold Oswald, Dorothy B., Virginia, Ann, John Edgar, Jimmie D., Jean and Kathy. Annie B. lives in Palestine. Ann died several years ago. Pirl Ruby, born December 2, 1909, married Edgar Barnes. They had one son that died shortly after birth. Winona, born November 17, 1908, married Garlan Hogan. They had one child, Lydia Alice. Minnie Laura, born January 31, 1912, married Louie Frisby. They had five children: Lavon, Gloria Mae, Laura “Boots”, Patsy and Marie. Minnie died October 1, 1944. John F., born December 24, 1915, married Odell Haynes. They have one adopted child, Laura. Laura is in the Aero-Space Program. John and family call Irving their home. Sylvia 011esse, born August 27, 1919, married Stafford Masters. They had five children: John Dickey, Larry, Dianne, Janice and David. David died May 5, 1974. Sylvia and Stafford live in Palestine. Babe and Laura and Minnie, John, and Sylvia, moved to Grapeland in 1927. Laura Dickey died July 29, 1931. Minnie, John and Sylvia went to school in Grapeland; the older children to the Waneta school. After the move to Grapeland, Babe worked with son-in-law, Edgar Barnes, in his mattress factory and cabinet shop. Ethel, Pirl and Winona are residents of the Grapeland Nursing Center today. John F. Dickey still owns the Dickey acres near Percilla. Needless to say, there are many offspring from the ten children of Babe and Laura Dickey.