Grapeland Texas

Herod, Perry Lee

Perry Lee Herod

Grapeland Texas 75844

Perry Lee (Ped) Herod and Leola Musick Herod lived in the New Prospect community of Houston County and were active in church, school and other community affairs. Ped lead the singing and Leola played the organ along with other duties they performed in theNew Prospect Church. Ped was a school trustee and furnished room and board for some of the teachers of the local school. He helped clean out the school water well and did other chores around the school to help maintain lt. Ped worked some as a bookkeeper and carpenter, but he loved the farm and “growing things”. Farming was what he did most of the time. He built his own home and outbuildings. For neighbors, both black and white, he often built coffins at no charge. Ped’s hobbies were fishing when it was “too wet to plow” and hunting when it was “too cold to work”. Leola was the perfect housewife and mother. She was a good cook and served three meals a day. She was an expert with a wood cook stove and always had the water cooler full of dairy products and other good food. Leola was a good housekeeper and scrubbed the floors and sunned the beds at least once a month. Leola went to town on Saturday evening and to church on Sunday with Ped and their children. Ped and Leola were considered progressive in New Prospect. They had a pedal organ, one of the first model-T Fords, a victrola record player, a battery radio and one of the first wind mills to furnish “running” water. Perry Lee (Ped) Herod was born February 15, 1889 to Daniel McCarty Herod and Louella Virginia (Murchison) Herod. Ped died November 27, 1960. Perry Lee Herod was a descendant of John Harrod, who emigrated from England to Pennsylvania in the sixteen hundreds. Leola Musick Herod was born June 24, 1891 to Henry J. and Emma Jane (Smith) Musick and died August 14, 1967. Leola Musick Herod was a descendant of George Musick that emigrated from Englandto Virginia in the mid-sixteen hundreds. Perry Lee and Leola Musick Herod had three children: (1) Perry Leland Herod who married Rose Shaw. Their children were Sandra Kay Herod Kerby and Nancy Lynn Herod Craven, (2) Pinkney Herman Herod who married Bettie Green; their children were Sharon Herod McManigal, Shelia Herod Johnson, and Dan Perry Herod, and (3) Viola Herod married C.H. (Slick) Wilson and had Barbara (Herod) Estes and Marlene (Herod) Brown.