Grapeland Texas

Hollingsworth, George M


Grapeland Texas 75844

Rev. George M. Hollingsworth was born July 1, 1850. He was the son of Joshua Hollingsworth, who had moved to Anderson County,Texas from Mississippi in 1847. Rev. Hollingsworth’s father was a charter member of the First Christian Church in Palestine. His family lived in Anderson County a number of years before moving to a farm three miles east of Grapeland toward Percilla. There were eight children in the Joshua Hollingsworth family. The oldest son was lost in the Civil War. Rev. George Hollingsworth married Marjorie Cornelia Mathews in 1870. They had eleven children as follows: Nannie (m. Sidney Boykin), Ava (m. Ney Sheridan), Stella (m. M.D. Murchison), Walker Eugene (m. Kate Lively), Lora (m. E.J. Stowe), Linnie (m. D.N. Leaverton), Lewis (m. Hubert Tolar), 0.0. (m. Laura Wright of Kingsville), M.W. (m. Alice McClatchy of Boston, Massachusetts), H.H. (m. a Berry), Eula Riall (m. Sam C. Kennedy). George M. Hollingsworth was a minister in the Christian Church. He served in several churches in the communities surrounding Grapeland and was instrumental in getting the First Christian Church of Enon transferred to Grapeland. During the Centennial celebration there was a dedication ceremony at the First Christian Church to the memory of Rev. Hollingsworth as its organizer and first pastor in Grapeland. J.E. (Jot) Hollingsworth was a brother of Rev. G.M. Hollingsworth. He was born in 1853 and died in 1928. J.E. Hollingsworth was in the general mercantile business and also owned and operated farm east of town. He first married Flora Edens and had one son, E. Hollingsworth. E. Hollingsworth had a son named Jot Davis Hollingsworth. J.E. Hollingsworth then married Luna Will Edens and had two children: Luna Frank and Annie Rainey. Luna Frank Hollingsworth married Murdoch Enloe Darsey, June 24, 1915 They had three children: Edwina, Frances Enloe and Murdoch Eugene. Edwina married Jack B. Long in 1942 (children: Marie, Joseph Darsey, Frances and William Wortham); Frances Enloe married Jack S. Pridgen in 1948 (child-Brent); Murdoch Eugene married Loye Fay Beason in 1950 (children; M.E., Jr., James Ryan, Timothy Edward). Annie Rainey married James H. Ryan. They operated Ryan’s Drug Store in Grapeland for many years.