Grapeland Texas

Howard, Wesley

Wesley Howard

Grapeland Texas 75844

Wesley Donald Howard was born on November 18, 1958 in Houston, Texas. He is the son of Helen Howard and the late Eddie Howard, and the grandson of Ardis Slack and the late Wesley Slack. The Howards moved to Grapeland just as Wesley was beginning second grade and remained here for the next five years. The family then moved to Orange where he attended West Orange High School. He was an honor student and was president of the student government body as well as participating in other activities such as band, choir and thespians. After graduating in 1977, he attended Lamar University for a short time before returning to Grapeland to be with his mother and sister Ardis. Judy Ann Musick was born on March 22, 1961 in Crockett, Texas to parents Nona Musick and the late Wayne Musick. The family home is on North Olive Street in Grapeland and a lot of good memories were made in that house. Judy’s father died in 1977 and the family consisting of Judy, her mother, and sister Linda continued to live in the family home. Judy had never lived anywhere else prior to her marriage. She attended twelve years in the Grapeland Schools and graduated an honor student in 1979. During her high school years, she had been active in band and other extracurricular activities, and was first runner-up for Peanut Queen her senior year. After graduation, she attended Henderson County Junior College and worked part time at Linda’s Ready to Wear. Now that we have a little background on Wesley and Judy, the rest of the story will be about the two of them together. When they first knew each other as children, there had been no lasting impression or attraction. Wesley thought of Judy as one of his sister’s pesky little friends. Not only was she a pest in his eyes, but a “girl pest”. Judy looked upon Wesley as the bratty brother of one of her classmates. As the years passed, nature changed knotty knees, and faces grew to fit eyes and ears and a total new look was created for both of them. They had not seen each other in about six years when they met at Madra’s Beauty Shop where each had gone for a haircut. Both marveled at the change in the other. Maybe it wasn’t love at first sight but it was definitely a case of serious interest which eventually led to love and marriage. They were married in the FirstBaptist Church in Grapeland on May 16, 1980. At the time of their marriage, Wesley was employed as a draftsman for Nucor Corporation and Judy was employed at the Grapeland Messenger. They settled down to a state of marital bliss and bought a home on College Street. Both were very active in the Grapeland Missionary Baptist Church and also community activities. Judy served as cochairman of the Peanut Festival for two years. Wesley served as a director and president of the Grapeland Community Council and was a member of the Grapeland Fire Department. On September, 1983, Wesley accepted a call as choir director and youth leader at the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Minden, Louisiana. He also teaches music classes at the Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. Judy is active in volunteer church work and operates the print shop at the same Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. They enjoy their work and are very happy in Louisiana. However, they do admit to a very sentimental attachment to Grapeland and the many friends they have here, they still own their home on College Street and both have family here. Grapeland has roots for them as well as a very special place in their hearts.