Grapeland Texas

Long, Charles Hugh

Charles Hugh Long

Grapeland Texas 75844

Anne Long and her three sons, Hugh, John and Simon Long came to Houston County in the late 1840’s, shortly after the death of her husband, Hugh Long, in Harrison County, The Longs settled in Augusta and bought what is now known as the old tong Place.’ It was from this farm home that John Long went out with Hood’s Brigade to fight in the Civil War. At the end of the war he returned to Houston County and took over the responsibility of his own family and the family of his brother Hugh Long, who had gone with the Sibley Expedition into New Mexico. After a period of two years, he became ill and died in West Monroe, Louisiana leaving his widow and three children, Sam Long, Dora Long and Charles Hugh Long. Charles Hugh Long was born in Augusta in 1859. He attended the local school for a short time, but spent most of his youth helping the family make a living on the farm in those dark and difficult days following the Civil War, During the early 1870’s the McMillan family from Mississippi moved into the Augusta community. Among the members of that family was a pretty girl named Mary Elizabeth. She was in her late teens– a rural school teacher who had attended Augusta Academy. She was called ‘Mollie’ as many an Irish maiden was, and she and Hugh Long were married in 1884. To the many Negros needing help, they always came to ‘Miss Mollie and Mr. Hugh.’ They generally got the help they sought. To this union were born six boys: William Hugh, Neil Maurice, Harry Gibson, Reagan, John Emery, and Charles Sam. The family lived in Augusta for many years and was leading citizens of the community. They were active in the church, school and civic life of Augusta, serving as a member of the church board, and as election judge. Hugh Long engaged in farming, and with his two older sons, William Hugh and Neil Maurice was in the mercantile business at Augusta until it was moved to Grapeland in 1915. Reagan, Emery and Sam Long served in the Military during World War I. Although Emery was the only one in combat action in the European theatre, they all three returned home after the war. William Hugh married Bula Bolton, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Bolton. Maurice, who was called ‘Mr. Maurice’ by the colored people of Augusta, married Owena Johnston, daughter of old family that had lived in the Grapeland section of Houston County for three generations. Harry Long married Ima Davis of Grapeland. Reagan Long married Alice B. Mangum; Emery Long married Rena Ross Richards. Sam Long married Vera Jeffrey’s, whom he met at SamHouston Teachers College. After her death in 1950, he later married Annye Lou Scott of Commerce, Texas who was a teacher in the Highland Park Schools in Dallas. The grandchildren of Charles Hugh and Millie Long are Dora Maurice Long daughter of Maurice and Owens Long. She married Ralph Walton (children, Elizabeth Zoe [m. Fred Williams-children, Zoe Ellen, and Fred Allen], Ralph Howell [m. Patricia Caroline Kitchen], Maurice Gilbert, and Paul Lee, Aline, the late John Emery, Anna E. [m. C.C. McRaven-children, Mary Ann, Nan Marie and William Harry], Mary Ann [m. Chad Jacobs], Virginia [m. Steve Pavitt-children, Steven, Sarah and Elaine]) were the children of the Harry Longs. James Hugh is the son of Emery and Rena Long. He married Bobby Huff (children, Luke Emery, Sally Ross, and Sarah). Tommie J. is the daughter of Sam and Vera Long. She married Bennett Wooley (children, Cris Carrol and Shannon. Cris married Jim Howe). William H. and Reagan had children who died in infancy. Of the six sons of Hugh and Mollie Long, all served in their respective communities in civic and church work.