Grapeland Texas

Martin, John Franklin

John Franklin Martin

Grapeland Texas 75844

John Franklin Martin, born October 25, 1867 to Henry Franklin and Sarah- Jane Weisinger Martin lived in the Antrim Community. He married Margaret Jane Blackwell, daughter of Samuel Blackwell on October 25, 1896. Children were: infant, died 1897; Alice Alvaretta, born April 24, 1899, d. May 24, 1899; May Savannah, born May 17, 1900; Edward Lee, born October 19, 1902, d. September 12, 1960; Katy Iva, born March 29, 1906, d. February 1975; Chester Arthur, born Sept. 10, 1908; Minnie Ola, born September 27, 1911, a. 1974; Estelle, born June 10, 1914; Alma Lorine, born September 20, 1917; John A., born September 20, 1917 (deceased). Antrim was a thriving farming community then with a school, church and social activities. Here the children worked hard on the farm that yielded cotton as a money crop, and corn and other grains for livestock and poultry, ribbon cane was made into syrup for the family and sold to the neighbors, fruit from a large orchard all made a healthy and happy place for children to live. After the children were grown, John and Maggie sold their farm home and moved to Grapeland where they spent their later years. John died March 15, 1948 and Margaret died November 20, 1969. They are buried at Antrim. May lives in California, and Chester and Alma Boon live in the Houston area? Estelle married Elvin Baker and lives in Grapeland.

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