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Murdoch Murchison

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Murdoch Murchison was born in Ross-shire district, Scotland, on November 27, 1771 and came to America when he was a small child (1774). With his parents, they settled in North Carolina. In the same boat that brought the family was also a family of Macintosh and this family had a baby named Lucy Macintosh (born 1773). She later married this Murdoch Murchison. Murdoch Murchison and his wife, Lucy Macintosh Murchison, later moved with their family to Bedford County, Tennessee. They had nine or ten children: John M. Murchison who married Sarah Hall; Mary Murchison who married Archibald Baker; Simon Murchison who married Elizabeth Dailey Ross; Isabella Murchison who married John Ozment (Marshall County, Miss); Daniel Murchison who married Mary Killough; William Murchison who married Mary Lucas MacCallum; Macintosh Murchison-died young; Margaret Murchison who married Benjamin Wilson; and Kenneth Murchison who married Mary (Polly) Smith. Daniel Murchison, sixth child of this Murdoch was born January 12, 1804 at Fayetteville, North Carolina. When Daniel was three years of age, his family moved from North Carolina to west Tennessee where they settled near Jackson on Forked Deer River. Here Daniel grew to manhood. The first wife of Daniel Murchison was Mary Killough, daughter of Thomas and Cynthia R. (Pierce) Killough, born in Hickory, Rutherford County, Tennessee, and June 7, 1806. They were married on the 15th day of December, 1825. After six years as residents, they moved to Houston County, Texas about 1846 to 1848 and lived at their home 3 miles northwest of Crockett near Cook’s Mountain. She died on the 24th day of September, 1853 from injuries after being thrown from a horse. All the brothers and sisters of Daniel Murchison except Isabella moved to Houston County. Daniel and Mary Murchison had the following children; Murdoch Killough Murchison; Thomas Franklin Murchison who married Mary Royal]; Amanda T. Murchison who married Robert Millings; Angelina Coffee Murchison who married Henry Franklin Craddock; Mary W. Murchison who married John Wright: Weldon Jones Murchison who married Celita Rawls; Daniel Macintosh (Mack) Murchison who married Sallie Arledge and Gertrude Lipscomb; Arabella Murchison who married James M. Odell; and Lucy Murchison who died young. (Note: The first edition of Crossroads states that Lucy A. Murchison was married to Wilson Stubblefield. This is true but she was not the daughter of Daniel Murchison. Lucy Ann Murchison. Daughter of Simon Murchison, married Wilson McAllister Stubblefield, Daniel Murchison was married a second time to Miss Lucinda Teague of Jackson, Madison County. Tennessee. Born January 5, 1831 and died August 30. 1900. Their children were: Adelle, who died at age 8; Riley Teague Murchison who married Lena Mobley: John A. Murchison who married Miss Easterling and Flora Gause Patton; and Josephine Murchison who married Call Aldrich. Daniel Murchison died at his home, 6 miles north of Crockett on the Palestine road, on the 5th day of June, 1882 and was buried in the Old Crockett Cemetery, Houston County. He lived to be quite an old man and was blind for several years before his death. He was chosen tax collector and assessor soon after coming to Houston County and records show he collected taxes in 1852, 1854. And 1855. It is traditionally said in the Murchison family that when Daniel Murchison had to transport his tax collections from Houston County to Austin, that he carried huge sums of money in his saddle bags and made the trip on horseback, The highjack was unknown in that day. Murdoch Killough Murchison was a pioneer citizen of Houston County, having come to Texas from Tennessee in 1848. He located about 8 miles south of Grapeland on the old Palestine road. There he lived for many years rearing a large family. He served in the conflict between the states and won a record as a brave soldier in the cause of his native Southland. Murdoch K. Murchison was born November 13. 1826 and married Evalina S. Gossett on June 15, 1852. She was born the 19th of March. 1834 to A. E. Gossett and Rhoda (Mulder) Gossett in Tennessee and died the 10th of April, 1862 and was buried in the Old Crockett Cemetery. Their children were: Andrew Jehu Murchison who married Mittie Harris; Rhoda Jane Murchison who married John Royal!: Sarah Evalina Murchison who married Frank A. Farris; Mary Antonet; Eva Murchison; and Margaret Murchison who married John Goolsby. Murdoch K. Murchison’s second wife was Maria Elizabeth Driskell, daughter of D. A. and Mary Witt Driskell, born March 7, 1837. She was post mistress atNineveh. Leon County, Texas in 1863 and Murdoch was a mail carrier when they met. They were married June 23. 1863. He was called into the army five days after they were married and he contracted the measles nine days after entering the army during the Civil War. Children horn to Murdoch K. and Maria Elizabeth Murchison were Murdoch Daniel Murchison who married Stella Hollingsworth; Fannie Arabella Murchison who married Starley N. Boykin; Lorena Elizabeth who married George E. Darsey; and Minnie Witt who married James Ross Richards. Maria Elizabeth Murchison died the 30th of March, 1896 and is buried in the OldCrockett Cemetery. The third wife of Murdock K. Murchison was Mary Ann Herow. They had no children. Murdoch was a farmer. When he retired he lived in Grapeland with some of his children and died the 18th of March, 1916. He is buried in the CrockettCemetery. Murdoch Daniel Murchison married Stella Hollingsworth. They had the following children: Murdoch B. Murchison who married Lucretia Riall; Jack Madison Murchison who married Maggie Hale: Frank Walker Murchison who married Opal Jo Howard, Lewis Nance Murchison who married Laura Catherine Daugherty; George Marshall Murchison who married Leard Andrews; Weldon 0, Murchison who married Catherine Rambo: and Evangeline  Murchison who married Edward Glass_ Murdoch B. Murchison operated a saw mill and lumber company which was located on the present day site of Childress Furniture Barn. The front doors of the lumber company would open out so that a wagon or truck could drive through the building and pick up lumber. The present day building still has the original doors in place, but no longer in use. Murdoch B. (Dick) Murchison built his home next door to the lumber company. Dick Murchison married Lucretia Riall. They had two children Murdoch Riall Murchison and Ann Murchison. Murdock Riall married Jean Lively, daughter of Aubrey and Annie Lois (Jake Taylor) Lively. They had one son. Murdoch Frank (Dick) Murchison, Ann Murchison married Leroy Cooley. They had no children. Murdoch Frank (Dick) Murchison was born December 12, 1949 and is married to Susan McClory. They have three children- Murdoch Taylor. Alexander McClary and William Whitley. Dick Murchison lives in his grandfather’s home next the Childress Furniture Barn and is vice-president of the First State Bank in Grapeland and at the present time is serving as Grapeland’s mayor.

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