Grapeland Texas

Musick, Barton

Barton Musick

Grapeland Texas 75844

Barton Musick was born on July 22, 1911, the son of C.S. and Willie Musick. On January 2, 1932 he united in marriage with Birdie Mae Hamb Musick. Birdie Mae was the daughter of Joe and Cora Hamb and had been born in Houston County on April 13, 1912. After living in several places in Houston County, they bought the Musick farm in the Reynard Community and settled there to raise their family. The family remained there until after Barton’s death in 1950. Barton and Birdie Mae had three sons and three daughters. Sammy Joe was born January 22, 1933, Travis Wayne born June 4, 1935, Charles Milton born April 5, 1937, Alice June born October 22, 1938, Gunita Lois born February 2, 1942, and Willie Mae was born on August 26, 1949. Sammy Joe married Dixie Jarvis of Dallas and had one son, Chuck, and two daughters, Susan and Jana. Chuck is married to Earline Peterson Musick and they have one son, Joseph. Susan is married to Glenn McQueen and has one son, Ryan, and one daughter, Courtney. Jana lives in Grapeland and is currently deciding on a career choice. Sammy Joe is the Grapeland City Superintendent and Dixie is the activity director for the Grapeland Nursing Home. Travis Wayne married Nona Tatum of Crockett and had two daughters, Judy and Linda. Travis Wayne worked throughout his life for the McCord Lane Company and was area superintendent at the time of his death on December 4, 1977. Judy is married to Wesley Howard and currently lives in Minden, Louisiana, and Linda is a student at East Texas BaptistUniversity in Marshall. Nona resides at the family home in Grapeland and is employed at the  First State Bank. Charles Milton married Mirnie Salmon of Grapeland and they have three daughters, Donna, Cathy and Kelly. Donna is married to Mark Mobley and has one daughter, Samantha. Cathy attends Tyler Junior College and is employed at a Tyler Bank. Kelly is a student at Grapeland High. Charles is self-employed and Mirnie is a registered nurse currently working at the Palestine Memorial Hospital. Alice June married Dale Seiley of Houston and has one son, Terry and one daughter, Lisa. Terry, his wife Gwen and Lisa, her husband Joe Frank, and daughter Cheyenne all live in the Houston area. Alice June and Dale make their home in Magnolia. Gunita Lois married Norman Harrell of Terrell. They had two sons, John Mark and Joel. Gunita and Norman are Baptist missionaries in Portugal. Joel attends a British school in Lisbon and John Mark has returned to the states to attend Dallas Baptist University. Willie Mae married James Hilliard of Wyoming. He is a military career man and they currently reside in Killeen, Texas with their son “J.J.”. Birdie Mae married M.D. “Jake” Salmon on July 12, 1956 and they made their home in Grapeland until his death in 1982. Birdie Mae still resides in Grapeland near Salmon Lake.