Grapeland Texas

Musick, Travis Wayne

Travis Wayne Musick

Grapeland Texas 75844

Travis Wayne Musick, born June 4, 1935, was the son of Birdie Musick Salmon and the late Barton Musick. His early childhood was spent on the family farm in the Reynard Community. He moved to Grapeland at the age of sixteen after the death of his father in 1950. The family bought the Selkirk house and Wayne went to work for the McCord Lane Company doing oil field construction work. He was later promoted to area superintendent, a position he still held at the time of his death in December, 1977. In the summer of 1957, Wayne met the former Nona Marie Tatom from Crockett. She was the daughter of Mildred Tatom and the late Riley S. Tatom. Nona was born in Crockett on October 5, 1939 and spent most of her growing years in the Arbor Community of Houston County, Texas. Nona was working as a clerk in a clothing store in Crockett at the time she met her future husband. He came into the store to make a purchase and a relative introduced them. They were married on March 28, 1958 and made their home in Grapeland. At the time of their marriage, Nona was working for a Crockett Insurance Agent. She went to work for the Jack Long Insurance Agency in 1960 and remained there for the next seventeen years. Having started out as secretary, she was later promoted to office manager and left that position in 1976. Two children were born to this union. The first, Judy Ann Musick, was born March 22, 1961 and the second, Linda Diane Musick, was born on November 16, 1965. Linda was born on the first day of deer season and Wayne always said it was the first time he had ever missed going hunting on that day. The family home was located onNorth Olive Street. It started out as a small house and new rooms were added to accommodate the growing family. They first bought and moved in to the house in 1958 and Nona still resides there with her daughter Linda. Wayne was known as “Little Man” to his friends. He acquired the nickname when he went to work. He was only sixteen years old and weighed one hundred twenty pounds, yet was physically very strong. The name stuck and was so popular that many of his friends did not know his real name. He enjoyed the outdoor life and purchased a part of the Musick farm where he grew up. He spent a lot of time there tending cows, camping, hunting, and fishing. He also loved family activities with his children. Wayne had a lot of fun raising donkeys. He built a cart for the children to ride in behind one of the donkeys. It was not unusual to see the entire family out for a Sunday afternoon ride in the cart. The oldest donkey was a jenny named Rhodie. Rhodie was often in the Peanut Festival and Christmas parades.Wayne always jokingly said that Rhodie could smell a parade and was ready to go. Wayne and Aunt Rose Herod often dressed the donkey up as a parade entry for Kennedy Brothers. One year they won by trimming the donkey and cart with big paper colored flowers topped off with a big flowered hat on the donkey’s head, Another year they covered her with big shiny bright colored polka dots only to find they could not get the polka dots off. Poor Rhodie wore those dots for about three weeks. The children thought it was great to have the only polka dotted donkey in Grapeland. The Musicks attended First Baptist Church and were also active in various community activities. Wayne served for a time on the Grapeland Fire Department and Nona was active in school and civic organizations. Nona served as president of the Grapeland Parent Teacher Organization and also president of the Grapeland Band Boosters. She served as chairwoman of the Peanut Festival for several years and was named the 1984 Citizen of the Year. In 1978, Nona became associated with the First State Bank in Grapeland and is currently an Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer. Judy and Linda both attended all twelve years of school in Grapeland. Both were very active in school activities and also honor graduates. Judy attended Henderson County Junior College for a short time before marrying Wesley Donald Howard. They currently make their home in Minden, Louisiana where Wesley is music director and youth leader for Calvary Missionary BaptistChurch. Judy operates a print shop at the Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. After graduation from high school, Linda went to work as a clerk at George E. Darsey & Company and attended Henderson County Junior College. She graduated in May, 1986 and is currently enrolled as a junior at the East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas.