Grapeland Texas

Pridgen, Bolivar J.

Bolivar J. Pridgen

Grapeland Texas 75844

Bolivar Jackson Pridgen was born in Nash County, South Carolina on February 13, 1829. He was the son of Wiley W. Pridgen (one time sheriff of Nash County) and Mary Baker Pridgen. He was a second cousin to Zachary Taylor. Boliver Jackson Pridgen came toTexas with his parents in 1839 to Dewitt County. He participated in the Mexican War. He was also a senator of the Texas Legislature and framed the first free school bill for Texas. He held many other public positions both state and national. Among them were: postmaster at Eagle Pass and collector of customs at Eagle Pass. Bolivar Jackson Pridgen was the grandfather of Gertrude Pridgen, wife of Wright T. Pridgen. Mrs. Pridgen’s father was Colonel George M. Pridgen. Bolivar Pridgen died February 15, 1903 at the age of seventy-four.