Grapeland Texas

Salmon, M.D.

M.D. Salmon

Grapeland Texas 75844

M. D. (Jake) Salmon was born in Anderson County on March 11, 1906. He was the son of Major Salmon (1-10-1865 to 8-15-10) and Angeline Elizabeth Lamance Salmon (2-19-1865 to 10-14-51) and was the youngest of nine children. He spent his childhood years in and around the Salmon community. After the death of his father, Jake went to live with Oscar and Minnie Garrison. He was a young boy at the time, somewhere between the ages of four and ten. As family stories go he was quite a mischievous lad. Jake would hoe with Miss Minnie and her family. One day Jake went to the house earlier than the rest of the family and found a pretty cake. He lifted the top off, ate the middle and put the top layer back on. When the rest of the family came in they all had lunch. Jake left the table before the cake was cut. When Miss Minnie cut the came and realized the middle was gone, she said, “All right, Jake Salmon, where are you?” Miss Minnie would fix breakfast and get her family off to the field to work. She would do her household chores then would go to the field. She owned a small gooseneck hoe. Jake would use it when she went to fix lunch and he liked the hoe. When she would come back to the field she would get her hoe back and Jake didn’t like this. One day when he came in for dinner he brought the hoe in and threw it under the house. Years later they found that little hoe under the house. On November 4, 1932, Jake married Edna Coleman Smith (2-16-15) and they made their home in Salmon. Four children were born to this union, Floyd Oliver (9-23-33), Travis Cleon (2-1-36), Joyce Fay (5-26-38) and Mirnie (6-22-41). During their years in Salmon, Jake earned his living in the merchantile business, as a mechanic and he also owned a sawmill located close by the store. Somewhere between 1942 and 1944, the store sold oil for fifteen cents a quart or two for twenty-five cents. One certain customer would come by, get a quart, put it in the car and tell Jake he would get the other quart when he came back through that evening. Jake would oblige him even though he only received twenty-five cents instead of thirty cents. During this time there wasn’t much money and collecting debts could be quite a chore. One method that Jake used to collect an overdue debt was this: A man named Elmer had gotten Jake to do some work for him and he wouldn’t pay him. There wasn’t any work, any money or any food. So Jake told Edna he was going to Elmer’s to live with him until he paid him. When he arrived at Elmer’s house that evening, he walked up and made himself at home. They sat around and talked for a while. Someone came and wanted Elmer to go to Rusk with him, in his car. Elmer got in the front seat with the man and Jake got in the back seat. Of course Elmer didn’t know that Jake had come to live with him, he thought he was just visiting. Elmer turned around and looked at Jake and said, “Jake, we are going to Rusk. We may be late getting back.” Jake said, “Well, I don’t have anything to do, just go right ahead.” So they sat there and talked a little while. Elmer said, “By the way, Jake, don’t I owe you some money?” He said, “Yes, you sure do.” So Elmer took out his money and paid him, and Jake got out of the car and went home. In approximately 1948 the family moved from Salmon to Slocum and lived there for a short time. In the summer of 1949 the family moved to Grapeland where Jake remained until his death on March 20, 1982. In December, 1958, Jake and Cleon established Salmon Building Supply. Jake later sold his interest to Cleon when he married Birdie Mae Musick. The business is still in operation with Cleon and his famiy. On December 25, 1954, Floyd, the oldest son, married Fannie Lou Smith (8-12-33) and they have three daughters, Connie Diane (4-5-56), Carolyn Lynette (3-11-58) and Anita Faye (2-24-59). During the early years of their marriage they made their home in Dallas and San Antonio. They later returned to Grapeland where they currently own and operate Salmon Lake Park, a favorite site of an annual Bluegrass Festival every Labor Day Weekend. All three of their children were graduates of Grapeland High School. Connie is married (12-14-75) to David Anthony “Tony” Woody (5-5-57) and they have one son, Mitchell Foster (8-24-78). Tony is in the Air Force and they make their home in Maryland. Carolyn is married (5-7-85) to Gregory Erwin Kazmierczak (1-30-58) and they live in Arlington, Texas. Anita is currently living at home and employed by a Crockett bank. She also helps run the family park. Cleon married (8-10-56) Annis Harlene Long (12-11-38), also of Grapeland and they have three sons, Tracy Carl (11-29-57), Mark Olan (6-15-59) and William Ted (5-17-61). Cleon and Annis worked together to improve and expand Salmon Building Supply. They moved the business in 1968 from a small location on North Olive Street to a much larger facility the present site on Highway 287. All three sons trained in the family business. Tracy is a local independent building contractor. He and his wife Vickie Yvonne Denson Salmon (4 -4-57)were married August 8, 1975. They have one daughter, Brandy Michele (5-12-76), and two sons, Tornmy Vernon (9-25-82) and Michael Scott, who was born October 20, 1976 and died March 15, 1982 as the result of an auto accident. Mark married Martha Lela Rowden Salmon (11-30-60) on June 15, 1979. They both work at Salmon Inc. They have two daughters, Tammy Joy (9-23-80) and Tern Nicole (12-28-84) and one son, Jamie Lynn (8-20-82). Ted is married (12-10-82) to the former Kimberly Sue Kindred (10-30-64). They have one daughter, Amberly Kay (10-26-83). Ted is also employed at Salmon Inc. Joyce married on June 28, 1958 Almouth Cecil Herod (4-15-27 to 5-26-75) and they had three children, Leadon (9-5-59), Christine (2-16-61) and Kenneth Wayne (8-30-64). Cecil died as the result of a tractor-mower accident. Joyce is presently married (9-5-69) to Gene Thomas Bailey. Sr. (5- 17 – 30) and they have one adopted daughter, Gaylon Ann(7-16-66). These four children attended Fort Zumwalt High School, O’Fallon, Mo. Gene has recently retired from government work and he and Joyce have returned to Grapeland to make their home. On October 22, 1982, Leadon Herod married Garylee Dennis Hobbs. They have one son, Joseph Lee, who was born August 2, 1984. Gary is employed by Contel and they make their home in St. Peters, Mo. Christine Herod married on 4-28-84 Rex Alan Hayslett. She has three children, Robert William Anderson born 6-8-80; Michael James Anderson, born 11-8-81 and Heather Renee Hayslett born 1-30-84. Christine and her family live in Bakersville,California. Kenneth Herod married Debra Ann Marshall on 7-15-84. They have one daughter, Daniell Lee, born 2-17-85. 1 hey make their home in Dallas, Texas. On May 26, 1984, Gaylon Bailey married Lee Davis. They have one daughter, Audra Victoria, born 2-16-85. Gaylon and her family live in Bakersville, California. Mirnie married Charles Milton Musick on 4-8-60. Charles was born 4-5-37. They have three daughters, Donna Carole (7-29-61), Cathy Lynn (1-20-64), Kelly Renea (9-28-71). Charles is an independent fence building contractor and welder. Mirnie Is a registered nurse. They live in Grapeland. Donna married Mark Allen Mobley on June 8, 1979. Mark was born 9-23-55. They have one daughter, Samantha Jo, born 10-24-85. Mark is employed by Contel. They bought a parcel of the Barton Musick farm where they built their home. Cathy lives in Tyler where she is employed by a bank. She also attended Tyler Junior College. Kelly is a freshman at Grapeland High School and lives at home with her parents.