Grapeland Texas

Salmon, Major

Major Salmon

Grapeland Texas 75844

Major and “Lizzie” had nine children. Lula Bell died at an early age around seven months. Josiah (10-18-1887 to 10-19-15), was a railroad bridge builder and carpenter. In 1915 while working on a bridge he was trying to avoid being hit by a train, jumped for is life only to lose it in a couple of days as a result of the jump. He had been married 11 months to Jennie Drigger who came from around Wiley and Cieburn, Texas. They had no children. Nora Etta (5-18-1890 to 6-30-30) married Daniel Webster Kersh in May, 1911. Their children were 1. a boy born prematurely and died at 22 days old, 2. Grady Debbs born 1913, 3. Florris (boy), 4. Rosalba Lynn, 5. Arvoll Mitchell, 6. Odessa, and 7. Azilla Silvania, born in 1924 in Louisiana. Naphania Francis (1-21-1892 to 2-17-17) married Eli Honeycutt. Eli is buried in Conroe. Naphania died with pneumonia. their first child, a girl, died young. Then they had 2. William Lacy (6-26-10 to 3-9-78), 3. Bertha Hortense, born 1913, 4. Twins which died, 5. Irene, born about 1915 and died at the age of two, 6. Clifton, died about 1917 or 1918. Green Columbus (6-7-1894 to 8-1-51) married Arbelle Garrison. Green and Arbelle died from heart attacks. Their first child, Sally Vernita “Nita” was grown and married when she died in a car accident in Houston. She is buried in Houston. She had no children. Green and Arbelle’s second child died at birth. Their third child is Claude Eldridge “Sonny”. He lives in Houston and has no children. Silvania “Tommi” Maebelle Salmon, born 9-21-1896 was baptised by Sarus Campbell at age 17 at Old Mill Pond across the railroad from Tucker Campbell’s place at Salmon, Texas. Twenty three people were baptised that day. Andrew Killon and Irma Smith were two of the twenty-three. Silvania first married Clarence Blanchard (born 1895) on 1-28-12. He was 17 and she was 16. Their first child was a girl who died at birth on 9-15-13. Their second child was a boy who died at 6 days old on 6-26-15. Silvanias’ second marriage was to Clarence Holmes (born 1880) on 2-14-32. There were no children from the second marriage. Silvania returned from Cuba, New Mexico to Salmon, Texas on 7-8-53 where she still lives in the old home place. Claude Ernest (5-3-1900 to 11-19-61) married Dorothy Lively. Their children are Dorothy Ernestine born 7-13-39 and Melton Osborne, born 4-19-45. A third child died. Ernest died from a heart attack. Velvia Clifton Salmon (2-26-03 to 5-12-39) married Lois Phelps. There were no children to this union. Clifton died in a logging accident. M.D. Jake Salmon (3-11-06 to 3-20-82) married Edna Coleman Smith (2-16-15) on 11-4-32. He was a carpenter, mechanic and truck driver. Their four children are Floyd Oliver, Travis Cleon, Joyce Fay and Mirnie. Jake died with cancer. His family history is in another article in this book.

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