Grapeland Texas

Shepherd, H.W.L.

H.W.L. Shepherd

Grapeland Texas 75844

The late Henry Wadsworth Longellow Shepherd was the only son from the lineage of the late Ben I and Alice Shepherd. He was born December 25, 1877. H.W.L. Shepherd began public school at the age of seven, attending New Salem Public School in the New Salem community. At the age of eight, his parents moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma. At Guthrie he attended a non-segrated public school for a short time. After a long horseback ride from Oklahoma to Texas, he began his public school studies again at a school then known as Edenville in the Dalys community. At the age of nineteen, H.W.L. Shepherd took a teacher’s examin ation and secured a teacher’s certificate of the second class. This allowed him to teach anywhere in Houston County. He taught in the DalysSchool for a number of years. His first teaching years were very lean. He never cashed a voucher until his first year’s term was completed. This he offered to his father to pay debts. Not many months hence, the invasion of death claimed the life of his father, thereby leaving him to be the man of the house, and to provide for his mother (Mary) and himself. This he did very well. In carrying this out, he was deprived of a college education until later years. He did a great deal of home reading as his certificate would expire under the terms of the limitations. He took another test to renew it. Shepherd’s first years of attending college were 1923-25. He attended Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. Also Mary Allen College in Crockett, Texas. After attending these colleges, he attended various extension courses until he secured a permanent First Class High School Certificate. While doing this he purchased over 800 acres of land, provided for a wife and college educated 13 children. These things he accomplished well. He served as the principal of each school where he taught. He taught at New Salem Public School for a number of years. Then he came home to teach at Cedar Branch School. Leaving there he went to Boxes Creek School in Anderson County and taught for several years. He came home at the Dalys School and taught for quite awhile. He remained there until he retired from his teaching career, spending 39 years trying to make the world better for his having lived in it. H.W.L. Shepherd’s wife Mary, preceded him in death–1963; also one son and one daughter. He died in 1968. His children were: Joseph Roosevelt Shepherd, Eva Jettie Shepherd (Dailey), Haynes Lee Shepherd, Henry Cortleyou Shepherd, Jennie D. Shepherd (Wagner), Benjamin Wesley Shepherd, Albert Govan Shephard, Rosetta Shepherd (Dickson), Jessie Mae Shepherd (Wise), Jesse Burnett Shepherd, Samuel Paschal Shepherd, Terre! Johnson Shepherd, and Alice G. Shepherd.