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Sheridan, William Nuget

William Nugent Sheridan

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William Nugent Sheridan was born in Louisiana on June 27, 1826, and died January 12, 1918. He was the first child of John and Lucinda Caroline Nugent Sheridan. In 1826 John Sheridan was returning from Moore County, North Carolina to his farm on Silver Creek with his young wife Luncinda who was expecting their first child. By the time the young couple covered long, arduous miles to bring them to western Louisiana near the Texas border, it became obvious that Lucinda could not safely travel any further. Fortunately they had friends or relatives in the area and she remained while John Sheridan returned to his farm – always fearing depredations of the Indians. On June 27, William Nugent was born and when he was about six weeks of age, his father came and took his wife and child home. The long journey to their new home was over! William Nugent Sheridan’s first wife was Nancy Elizabeth Wilson. To them were born five children, namely: John Russell, Zaccheus Charles, William Nugent, Jr., Henry and Mary Elizabeth (Molly). Nancy Elizabeth Wilson Sheridan died March 11, 1871 and is buried in the Augusta, December 24, 1871. William Nugent Sheridan married second wife, Mary Calhoun. To them were born three children namely: Zela Etta, Beulah, Eleanor and Little Daughter. Listed are marriages of his children and grandchildren: John Russell married Frances Dupuy. Their children were Stella, unmarried; Dupuy – married Elma Phillips, had four children; Will, unmarried; and Jessie, unmarried. Zaccheus Charles – married Lula May Pridgen. Their children were: (first child died in infancy) Dick Ross – married Ethel Quarles, had seven children; Grady Wilson – married Lois Campbell, had four children; John Franklin – married Minnie Bell Luce, had one child, second wife Myrtle Rainey had 5 children; Mary Pearl – married Robert Morten Hawthorne, had 3 children, second husband Robert W. Dwigans. William Nugent – married Lewis Ray, had three children; Jack – married Thelma Searcy, had two children; Joe Bailey – married Frances Jackson, had two children; and a little girl died in infancy. William Nugent Jr. – died at about age two years. Henry – died at about six weeks. Mary Elizabeth (Molly) married Holloway Power. Their children were: John Nugent, died at age seven and one half years; Donnie – married Charles Bruce Lester, had one child; Robert Preston (Bob) – married Neoma Brown, had one child, second wife Emma Lela Gillespie; Mary Etta – married Arch P. Caveness, had two children. Zela Etta married William Mitchell. Their children were: William Calhoun  married Dimple Walston, had two children; Travis Edwin, unmarried; and Jimmy Holloway – married Ruth Roberson. Beulah Eleanor – unmarried. Little Daughter died in infancy.