Grapeland Texas

Smith, Christopher C. Kleber Beazley

Christopher C. Kelber Beazley Smith

Grapeland Texas 75844

John William Smith (09/06/ 1860-12/07/ 1903) married Francis Louisa (Adams) Whitley Lathrop. Francis Louisa was a widow with six children. She had four boys and two girls, Ruth Ann Lathrop and June Lathrop. Ruth Ann Lathrop first married Frank Gilder and had a daughter, Annie Mae Gilder, who died in 1916. Ruth Ann Gilder’s second husband was a Newsom. John William and Francis Louisa Smith lived on land inherited by Francis Louisa Adams from her father. This land is in the area of Houston County known as the Reynard community. They had two sons: Isaac Dunbar Smith (12/09/1889) who died at birth and Christopher Columbus Smith born November 21, 1892 and died September 3, 1967. Christopher Columbus Smith married Kleber Beazley who was born September 4, 1893 and died August 10, 1985. They are both buried in the Dailey Community Cemetery at the Daly community. Christopher (Chris) Columbus Smith was in the general merchandise business with his father-in-law, James (Jim) Harvey Beazley and Tom Clinton at Reynard. He later bought the interest of both Clinton and Beazley in the business and became the sole owner. He also operated a grist mill to grind grain for himself and his neighbors. Chris Smith was very interested in machinery. He and Tom Clinton experimented with steam engines. Before the Texas Power and Light Co. came to this area, he wired his home for electric lights using a 48 volt one cyclinder flywheel type generator run by gasoline to generate the electricity. Chris had a pumping arrangement made to bring running water into the home. He was also instrumental in helping that rural area get telephones (the hand-ringer type of our original party lines). Chris Smith was an amateur photographer. He made and developed his own tin-types. He printed postcards with pictures on them. In 1942 being too old to serve in the armed forces of World War II Chris Smith moved to Houston and worked in Todd Shipyard until 1946. After the war, Chris moved back to Reynard and opened a store on his home place. He and his wife also went into ranching. They had over one hundred cows in their herd and Kleber had a different name for each one. She also had a descented pet skunk that she traded for a goat. She named the new goat “Skunk”. Chris Smith built his wife a new home when he returned to Reynard and used his inventive skill to heat his home. This heating system was controlled by a thermostat and the family never had to worry about drafts or cold feet. He ran pipes in the slab, heated water in a boiler and pumped it into the pipes. Christopher Columbus and Kleber Beazley Smith had ten children: Frank Holland Smith 1. Frank Holland Smith born May 5, 1915, married Glenda Nell Belew in 1938. They had no children. James Arthur Smith 2. James Arthur Smith was born September 21, 1917 and died March 15, 1984. He had no children Grace Christine Smith 3. Grace Christine Smith was born February 14, 1920 and married H. N. (Ted) Cook on January 31, 1942. They had two children: Larry Neal Cook (born October 17, 1945-died July 23, 1963) and Chenyle Christi Cook (born January 17, 1953 and died May 10, 1974-accident). Nina Ruth Smith 4. Nina Ruth Smith who was born September 29, 1921 married Joe Ed Steely on November 1, 1941. They went to live inHouston in 1950 and Joe Ed worked for the American Can Co. for 27 years. He retired in 1977 and they moved back to Reynard on September 21, 1984. Nina Ruth and Joe Ed Steely had four children: Chris Edward Steely was born November 17, 1942. He married Mary Elizabeth Palmer on March 24, 1964 and has one son Chris Edward Steely Jr. Chris Edward Steely Sr. died of cancer February 22, 1965, and is buried in the Dailey Community Cemetery in the Daly community. Nelda Jo Steely was born August 7, 1944 and married James Richard Bentley on April 12, 1958. Nelda and James had three children: Helen Elizabeth who was born May 23, 1961 married Alan Flowers of Pensacola, Florida (separated); James Bernard Bentley was born December 15, 1962 and married Julie Biggs on December 31, 1981 (The have two children: James Bernard Bentley Jr. born August 29, 1982 and Shane Nicole Bentley born August 31, 1984); Morris Thomas was born January 17, 1964. In January 1965, Nelda Jo Steely Bentley married Donald Dean Alexander and had one child Donna Kris Alexander on July 23, 1966. On May 17, 1986, Nelda Jo Steely Bentley Alexander married Bennie Arthur DeWeese (son of Mrs. Martha Craven of Houston.) Robert Hugh Steely Sr. was born on March 6, 1946. He married Patricia Ann Stracner on February 6, 1965. They had three boys: Robert Hugh Steely Jr. was born August 13, 1965 and married Susan Cranfriel in February, 1983. (Robert H. Steely Jr. and Susan have two girls Amber Nicole Steely born August 9, 1983 and Ashley Dawn born June 24, 1986.); Christopher Thomas Steely was born September 6, 1969; and Chad Edward teely was born December 6, 1978. The fourth child of Nina Ruth Smith Steely and Joe Ed Steely is Nina June Steely. Nina June was born June 23, 1948, and she married Roy B. Schultz March 1, 1975. She has one daughter Dawn Renee Steely born September 11, 1971. Belle Doris Smith 5. Belle Doris Smith was born January 2, 1924 and married E. J. Moore June 19, 1940. E. J. Moore died July 20, 1967 and Belle Doris married B. D. Slaughter (died September 30, 1984). Belle Doris and E. J. Moore had two sons: E. J. Moore Jr. born June 13, 1941. E. J. Married Sonja E. J. Moore Jr. died on February 27, 1984. (E. J. and Sonja had two children – a boy and a girl); the second son of Belle Doris was James Hasting Moore born on September 16, 1944. James Hasting Moore married a woman from Louisiana and has four children. Joseph Edward Smith 6. Joseph Edward Smith was born July 4, 1926 and died of food poisoning January 26, 1929. Roma Louise Smith 7. Roma Louise Smith was born June 14, 1929. She first married Herston Odell Wade in May, 1945. They had five children: Kleber Warren Wade who was born December 29, 1948 and was killed August 3, 1980; Carol Jean Wade was born March 18, 1950; Kenny Lee Wade was born December 3, 1951; Olan Ozell Wade was born May 17, 1952 (Olan Ozell was killed in a car wreck December 26, 1975 and left behind three boys and his wife Alice); Rodger Dean was born October 21, 1953. Roma Louise divorced Herston Odell Wade and married Kenneth Noel Canaday in May, 1960. They had one child: Ralph Glen Canaday born September 5, 1961. Mary Elizabeth Smith 8, Mary Elizabeth Smith was born March 22, 1931 and died the same day. Christopher Columbus Smith, Jr. 9. Christopher Columbus Smith Jr. was born March 29, 1932. He married Yvonne , daughter of a wheat farmer. They have two children: Jennifer Lynn Smith born April 6, 1969; and Christopher Michael born October 30, 1970. Alva Dean Smith 10. Alva Dean Smith was born April 27, 1936. He first married June Marie Harrison on June 4, 1960. They had two girls, Donna June born June 5, 1961 (Donna June married Mark Deal and had two daughters: Alicia Renee born on April 24, 1982 and Angie June Marie born on October 22, 1985) and Deanana D. born June 3, 1964. Alva Dean and June divorced and Alva Dean Smith married Dorothy (Lively) Stevens on August 9, 1973. They had one daughter, Pamela Denise, born May 17, 1974.