Grapeland Texas

Smith, Elwin

Elwin Smith

Grapeland Texas 75844

James R. Smith’s family came to Texas from Alabama in the 1860’s. He was the son of Monroe and Fannie (Jarrell) Smith. The family settled in the New Prospect area. The Smiths were farmers and had a large peach orchard. James R. Smith (1873-1953) first married Malinda Rebecca (Linnie) Keen (1887-1912). They had eight children: Elwin, Erma, Terrell, Olga, Birdette, Christine, Norbon, and Carter. James’ second wife was Minnie Haltom (Montgomery). She had one child, Calvin (Doc) Montgomery, by her first husband. James and Minnie Smith had three children: Jim Weldon, Lonnie, and Cordelia. Elwin Madison Smith (1899-1971) married Lela Guice, daughter of B.R. Guice. They had three children, Betty, Arwena, and Harold. Betty married Buel Grigsby Jr. and had three children: Brent, Brian, and Becky. Arwena married Louie Lively. Harold married Mona McConnell and had two children: Anne and Johnny. Elwin and Lela Smith lived in a home on Chestnut Street when they first married and later exchanged homes with Lela’s brother, Arthur Guice. This move benefited both. Elwin Smith was a barber and had his shop on Front Street and the new home onWillow Street was only two blocks from his shop. The home on Chestnut Street had five acres of land with it allowing Arthur to plant a garden for his family. Both homes were originally the property of B.R. Guice. Elwin Smith’s barber shop was located onFront Street, lot 4, block 3. This is the same location of our present barber shop owned by Rita Moore. Through the years Elwin had a number of different partners: Calvin Skidmore Sr., Gaylon Skidmore, and Warren Baker. A familiar sight in this barber shop was the shoeshine man, Tom Lloyd. Ernest Terrell Smith (1897-1932) married Sudie Rose. They had four children: Nita, Avis, Thurman and Virginia. Terrell was a farmer in the New Prospect area. Olga Smith married Odell Salmon. They had four children: Linnie Dell who married Elmer Dickey, James, Kenneth and Alvin. Birdette Smith married Dot McLendon (Smith). She had two sons, Kenneth Smith and Ronny Smith, by her first husband who was also a Smith. Birdette and Dot Smith had three children: Terrell, Donna and Robert. Erma Smith married first Willie Lewis Finch and married ‘Boots’ Black. Christine Smith died young. Norbon Smith was crippled by Polio. He never married. Carter Smith married Pearl whose last name was unknown. Jim Weldon (Shorty) Smith married, Ruby and had one child, Jerry. Lonnie Smith who was also called Rooster never married. Cordelia married Jack Leggett and they had one child, Delton.