Grapeland Texas

Streetman, Charlie Mack

Charlie Mack Streetman

Grapeland Texas 75844

Charles J. Mc Streetman was born in Taylor County, Georgia on April 2, 1856. The facts surrounding his early years are lost to history. It is known that his mother was the former Mary Joiner, the daughter of John Joiner who died January 23, 1830 and Sarah Joiner who died July 4, 1862 in Taylor County. Charlie Mack is known to have had two sisters, Sarah, born 1845 and Dorothy, born 1849, and one brother Aschellis, born 1851. All the other children and his mother disappeared after the War Between the States but Charlie Mc is thought to have been raised by an Uncle Sinclair Streetman and there is strong evidence to support this as their homes in later life virtually bordered each other. What is known is that Charlie Mc married Margaret M. E. Cook, the daughter of William T. Cook and Margaret DuPree Cook, on May 25, 1878. In August of 1880, the couple’s first child, Artis Eugene or A.U. was born, followed the next year by a daughter, Ida who died at birth. Henry Marvin or H.M. was born December 28, 1882 and Lela Rebecca followed on April 25, 1886. In 1887, Charlie Mc left his wife and family and went south to Florida where a cousin, Elbert Streetman, was living and bought land in Calhoun County, in the Panhandle portion of the state. Returning to Georgia in late 1887, the family was then packed up and moved to Florida. Soon after, the family’s arrival, a son was born in February 14, 1888 and named Ancil Hewitt. The following year, Margaret died, and Charlie Mc married the daughter of his brother-in-law, Richard Cook. The marriage to Clara Parasata Cook took place on May 31, 1890 and was destined to last 55 years and to produce 12 more children. In December of 1891, a son, Newton Vincent, was born near the Bailey community of Florida, followed four years later by another son, Charles R., born September 12, 1895. A third and fourth son were born in 1897 and 1900, these being Graton Lee on October 2 and Collie in May. Collie died within a short time after birth and another brother was born May 16, 1902, and named Richard E. In 1904, on July 23, a second daughter was born and named Lizzie Belle. After the birth of Belle, the family moved again, this time toTexas. Tommie Cook, Clara’s younger brother had visited Texas in 1904, and had returned to Florida with tales of wonderful conditions that existed there. Florida, at this time, was not exactly a great place to live. Low elevation, poor soil and mosquitoes had generally been tolerated, but could not match the benefits of Texas. Charlie Mc visited Texas, going as far west as the pine trees existed and decided to settle in Houston County, which was very similar in appearance to northern Florida. The family packed up in January of 1905, took all their possessions and money, which came to around $1800.00 and left for Texas. The trip, by train, took two weeks with the train being transported across the Mississippi by barge. Upon arriving in Grapeland, the family settled in the Lone Star community east of town. On February 14, 1905, Charlie Mc purchased from Ernest C. Matthews, 346 acres on the Little Elkhart Creek in the old John Edens league, and followed that purchase two years later, on December 4, 1906 with another 346 acres; this time paying J.A. Richardson $1038.00. With another homestead assured, Charlie Mc began a new Texas family with a child arriving every other year for the next twelve years. A son, Elbert Taplet, was born June 4, 1907, followed on April 12, 1909 by another son, Limuel Jackson or L.J. A second daughter, Winona, was born September 26, 1911 and a son followed two years later as Edwin Wilson was born October 30, 1913. The last two children were Velna, born September 21, 1915, and Roy, born March 10, 1918. In the years following the move from Florida, many other families that had been neighbors also moved to Texas. These families included the Willis, Cook, Chaffin and Hudnell families. The Rock Hill community grew to a fairly large sized rural community complete with an elementary school and a Baptist church. In later years, many of the Streetman and other families’ children attended school in Elkhart and later the Grapeland public schools. By the 1970’s, almost all of the Streetman’s who lived in the area had moved to other places. The old Streetman homestead is still owned by Belle Streich and family. Charlie Mc lived in the Rock Hill community for the rest of his life, dying on October 28, 1945. Clara moved to Grapeland in the late 40s or early 50s and died there on July 15, 1954. Her last son, Roy, now lives in her old home on Main Street. The children and grandchildren include: Artis Eugene (d. 1960) md. Lizzie Chaffin, 1907: J.B., Artis Eugene Jr, Hill Brock, Wade L., Pick Higgins, Madge Chaffin, and Charlie Mack. Henry Marvin (d. 1972) md. Luna Gray, 1911: Ramus Chester, Luther Gray, Mary Lee, Richard Mack, Henry Marvin Jr. and Avis and Allen. Lela Rebecca (d.?) md. Robert Little, 1911: Ora Fae, Ancil Hewitt (d. 1970) md. Mary A. Willis, 1913: R.C., Gilbert, Coy Wilson, and Floy Elizabeth. Newton Vinson md. Virgie Herod: Daniel, Victor, Newton Vinson Jr., and Olsen Leroy. Charles R. md. Jennie Miller: Joy, Hope, Paul, and Beth). Graton Lee md. Maud Otis Guice in 1920: Hassel Vaden and Aral Lee. Richard E. md. Bennie Morrow: Ben, David, and Robert. Lizzie Belle md. Willie Steich: Cecil and Patricia. Elbert Taplet (d. 1948) md. Florence Gillespie: Joe Weldon and Judy. Limuel Jackson md. Lenoir Simmons: Orida Mae and Limuel Jackson Jr. Edwin Wilson md. Sara Belle Osborne in 1938: Helen Elizabeth and James Wilson. Winona md. Alfred Fiedler: Jimmy. Velna Vivian md. Allen DuPree: Ray Allen, Jimmy and Debbie. Roy Jamison never married.