Grapeland Texas

Streetman, Graton

Graton Streetman

Grapeland Texas 75844

Graton Streetman was born in Florida In 1897, the son of C.M. and Clara Cook Streetman. They moved to the Grapeland area when Graton was a young boy. Maude Otis Guice was born in Grapeland and lived here all her life. Maude Otis and Graton were married in 1920. Graton farmed and taught school at country schools in the area. He finally decided it was too hot in the summer to farm so he and his brother, Newton, went in to the automobile business on Main Street. Graton retired in the late 1960’s and the business now belongs to R.L. Bennett. They had two children, Aral and Vaden. Aral married Edwina Beller of Grapeland. They had three children. Vaden married Jean White of Waco and they had two children. Maude Otis died in 1982. Graton still resides in Grapeland. Graton and Maude Otis Streetman demonstrated their Christian faith every day. On Sundays they sang in the choir at the FirstBaptist Church. For years, Graton taught the men in Sunday school in the Kent Bible Class. He is still a deacon there. Maude Otis taught a ladies’ Sunday school class long beyond the years that she was physically able to do so. On the night that she had her fatal heart attack, she had installed the Incoming officers for a Sunday School Class. Maude Otis was among the first, if not the very first visitor to Grapeland newcomers. She expressed her interest in their spiritual wellbeing as well as in their physical comforts. When sorrow came, or troubles, or problems, again, she was among the first to offer help or comfort. Together they encouraged young people even to the point of offering financial help.

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