Grapeland Texas

Walton, Henry H.

Henry H. Walton

Grapeland Texas 75844

Henry Harrison Walton, son of Henry Wyche and Luraney Walton, married Susan Bullock Clarke (b. April, 1837), the daughter of Gilbert and Susan Shailot Clarke. All were living in Monroe Co., Georgia by 1850. Henry and Susan came to Texas following the Civil War, traveling by train and bringing with them their children Mote, Oria, Willie, Delilah, Lottie, Nanny, and Ed. Oria married Sam Howard and they owned a grocery store in Grapeland. Oria and Sam’s family included Sam, Jr., George, Earl, Nanny, Leila, Oria Sue, Arlene and Bess. Willie married Zachary Harman and they lived most of their married lives In West Texas. Their children were Oria, Carmel, Hatch, Wells, Ruby and Nanny. Delilah married Ed Harman and had Hetty, Mote, Ximena Alice (X. A.), Ed Wyche, John, Reba, Odessa, and several others who died as infants. Lottie married Jim Lively and had Gertrude, Evie, Cassie, Emma, Nimmie Jane, Guy and Jim Tom. Nanny married Jim Howard and died in childbirth with Jimmy. Jimmy married Maude Berry, and their children were Lucille, Rosa Lee, Hazel, James William (Bill), Ruth Burdette, Helen Grace, Clifford Hume and Dorothy Ann. Ed did not marry. He was a saloon keeper in Crockett- though he never drank himself. He died on the front porch while visiting his sister Oria.