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Weisinger, Paul E. Decendants

Paul E. Weisinger Decendants

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Paul Edward Weisinger was the great grandson of John Weisinger who came to America from Württemberg, Germany in 1784. John settled in Charleston, South Carolina and that is where he lived the rest of his life. He and his wife are buried in the LutheranChurchyard Cemetery. Children were: John, Mathais; Elizabeth and Samuel. Paul is the grandson of Mathais Weisinger born in 1796 in Lexington County, South Carolina. Mathais married Leah Caroline around 1823 in Lexington County, South Carolina. Mathis and his family and his brother John and his family moved from Lexington County, South Carolina to Alabama in about 1831 or 1832 and settled at Cowaha on the Alabama River. Then about 1851 he left Alabama and came to Texas, settling in Antrim Community,Houston County, Texas where they lived the rest of their lives. They were the parents of twelve children. Hariet, Maryann Rebecca born 11/14/1825 died 1858 at Cowaha on the Alabama River married Samuel Weisinger (son of John Weisinger, Mathais’ brother on 1/31/1842) Samuel was born 6/27/1818 in South Carolina died 1/16/1897 in Montgomery County, Texas, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Martha, John Mathais, Eliza, Reuben Jacob, Selita, Savannah Jane born 1846 died 1940 married Henry F. Martin 6/10/1863, Polly Ann and James Edward. Mathais and Leah Caroline are buried in the Antrim Cemetery. Paul is the son of Reuben Jacob Weisinger born 2/4/1839 in Dallas County, Alabama. He moved with his family to Texas, in the Antrim Community in about 1851. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on 6/22/1862. After the war ended, he returned to Antrim and filed a claim for a land grant in what is now known as Union Chapel. In about 1868 he married Martha Williams Cutler, a widow. They lived the rest of their lives in that area. Rueben died 5/30/1918, Martha was born 1842, died 11/5/1896. They are buried in Murdock Cemetery in Grapeland, Houston County, Texas. Three of their children are buried at Murdock Cemetery, Taylor born 1869, Emmett born 1875, and Savannah born 1880. Other children were: 1) Mary Omega Weisinger born 1870 died 2/20/1950 married George Washington Marshall and is buried at Milligan Cemetery. They were the parents of two children: Nannie Lorena Marshall born 3/22/1904, now deceased, married Willie McQueen. They were the parents of four children, William Edward, now deceased, Marshall, Earl and Joyce. Flora Alice Marshall born 12/1/1907 married Raymond Boykin. They are the parents of two children, Raymond Jr., (Pete) born 7/19/1930, and Luna Raye born 1/16/1933. 2)Nannie Lou Weisinger born 8/4/1872 died 10/6/1901, married George Shaver and is buried at Murdock Cemetery. They were the parents of one child, Willis Shaver. 3)George Washington (Dock) Weisinger born 12/19/1877 died 12/3/1952 and is buried at Murdock Cemetery, married (1)Ada Belle Chapman born 8/26/1882 died 10/31/1903 and is buried at Tyer Cemetery (2)Matilda Caroline (Callie) Chapman born 11/20/1885 died 2/28/1968 is buried in the Murdock Cemetery. Dock and Ada Belle were the parents of one son, Olan who married Ruby Smith. Dock and Callie were the parents of six children: Irene Weisinger-married Charles Reifschneider, Truitt Weisinger married Malvin Ashmore, Travis Weisinger-married (1)Gwendolyn Hampton, (2)Lucille Hampton, Louise Weisinger-married J.H. Fulmer, Holloway Weisinger-born 1923 died 1933, Edna Pearl-married Earl Lawrence. 4)Paul Edward Weisinger born 7/29/1882 died 10/8/1972 married (1)Addie Ingram born 5/15/1887 died 9/11/1916 (2)Annie Ingram born 9/1/1889 died 11/18/1929 and they are buried in the Murdock Cemetery (3)Vera Liles Hampton born 10/16/1896 died 7/19/1980 buried in the Murdock Cemetery. Paul and Addie were the parents of five children: Horace Weisinger born 8/1/1904 died 8/18/1963-married Leona Allen, they were the parents of five children, Roland (deceased), Melvin (deceased), Thelma, Richard and Juanita. Birdie Mae Weisinger born 7/19/1906-married Albert Turner, they are the parents of eight children, Albert Jr. (deceased), Addie Fay, Genova, Dalton, Billie Sue, Christine, Valta Mae and A.B. Eugene Weisinger born 7/8/1908 died 12/24/1984-married Katie Skidmore, they are the parents of six children, Eugenia (deceased), Henry Ray (deceased), Quida Ann, Maybeth, Hershell and Paul Franklin. Ethel Weisinger born 5/19/1910-married (1) Elza Reo, they had two children Harvey and Peggy Pauline; (2) Jim Clark, they are the parents of two children Eldred and James Edward. Annie Lou Weisinger born 7/27/1912-married Preston Graham, they are the parents of five children, Alvin Denman, Noble Ray, Preston Kenneth, Jerry Van and Larry Paul. Paul and Annie were the parents of six children: Olene Weisinger born 10/28/1917-married Kirby Hawkins, they are the parents of three children, Janet, Yvonne and Nathan Kirby Jr. Sylvester Weisinger born 9/8/1919 died 1985-married Marie Krause, they are the parents of three children, Danny Paul, Sandra Elaine and Brenda Kay. Eldred Weisinger born 5/29/1921 died 1941. Melba Weisinger born 4/8/1923 died 1980-married Alvin Odom, they were the parents of two children, Alvin Edward and James David. Delbert Weisinger born 5/24/1925 married Sue Graham; they are the parents of three children Charlotte Ann, Paula and Randy. Wade L. Weisinger born 2/16/1929 married Della Selman; they are the parents of one daughter, Sharon Lynette. Paul and Vera were the parents of one son James Robert Weisinger born 7/20/1934 died 1939. 5) Hanna Etta (Rhetta) Weisinger born 4/30/1885 died 1983-married William Marshall born 1884 died 1938 is buried in Murdock Cemetery. They were the parents of nine children: Archie Marshall-married Blanch Ivey, Zora Marshall-married Clem Ivey, Opal Marshall-married Mel Ivey, Doyle Marshall-married Margaret Miles, Reuben Marshall-married Louise Ingram, Willie Lee Marshall-married (1)Delbert Allen, (2)George Rainer, Maude Belle Marshall-married Lee Ruby, Oddis Marshall-married Preston Skidmore, Gwendolyn Marshall married Edwin Earl Hendrick.

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