Grapeland Texas

Weisinger, Paul E.

Paul E. Weisinger

Grapeland Texas 75844

Paul Edward Weisinger was born 7/29/1882; his parents were Reuben Jacob and Martha Williams Cutler Weisinger. He lived in and around Grapeland, Houston County, Texas all his life. He married 1) Addie Ingram – they were the parents of five children: Horace (deceased), Birdie Mae, Eugene (deceased), Ethel and Annie Lou. 2)Annie Ingram – they were the parents of six children: Olene, Sylvester (deceased), Eldred (deceased), Melba (deceased), Delbert and Wade L. 3)Vera Liles Hampton – they were the parents of one son: James Robert (deceased). He was farmer and carpenter by occupation. Then he began giving talks and helping the Pastor at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church. In 1921 he became a licensed preacher at Shiloh – church services were held the first Sunday of each month and it is still held on that date. The church was organized in 1866. He was ordained at Shiloh Primitive Baptist Churchin 1925 and he was the Pastor at Shiloh until his death 10/8/1972. In 1925 Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church in Huffsmith,Montgomery County, Texas called him to Pastor their church on the Second Sunday of each month and he was the pastor of Zion Rest until his death on 10/8/1972. Around 1938, Pilgrim Primitive Baptist Church called him to pastor their church on the third Sunday of each month and he was still the pastor there at his death. Pilgrim Predestination Regular Baptist Church is the oldestProtestant Church in Texas. It was constituted in Crawford County, Illinois – July 26, 1833. The charter members were: Elder Daniel Parker, John Parker, Patsy Parker, Phoebe Parker, Julious Crist, Rachel Crist and Sally Brown. They tried to organize the church in 1832 but it was illegal according to the Mexican Government, they would only allow Catholic Churches. Elder Daniel Parker went to Stephen F. Austin to ask him to act as mediator between him and the Mexican Government, but he told him to go back to Illinois -organize the church and then come back to Texas which he did with the charter members and about twenty-five wagons in November in 1833. All of the charter members lived close to the church and are buried in the cemetery that joins the church yard at Elkhart, Texas. The first log church was built about 1836 at the present location. Between November 1833 and 1836 church services were held in homes; however, they have had uninterrupted services from 1833 through today. Elder Daniel Parker was the pastor from 1833 to 1844. He died 12/3/1845 and is buried in the cemetery that joins the church yard. Paul was also pastor of HollySprings Primitive Baptist Church which was organized in 1860 in Montalba, Anderson County, Texas. The services there are held the fourth Sunday of each month. The exact date he began as pastor is unknown; however, he was pastor until his death. He was also pastor of Bethel Primitive Church and again the exact date he began is unknown and also the date the church was organized is unknown. The services were held on months which had five Sundays. The church disbanded a few years ago due to the small membership. Paul Edward Weisinger was well known throughout the State of Texas. He was loved and highly respected by his peers. He never failed to hold out a helping hand to anyone that needed help and his door was always open day or night, rain or shine, hot or cold. He was a true friend, confidant, counselor, pastor, teacher, devoted husband and father. He could wear all these hats with confidence and pride, yet he always wanted to do more. His first love was to God, then family and friends. To him, everyone he knew was a friend. He was a very strong willed man with strong convictions in which he believed and lived by, and raised his family the same way. If ever a man was truly loved and respected, he was, by every one that knew him, family and friends alike. There is not a man, woman or child alive today that would not be a better person, if they could have a Paul Edward Weisinger walk through their life and pause for a while.